Item Unit Value
Operating Mass kg 17100
Diesel Engine Model QSB6.7
Rated Power kW/hp 164/220
Rated Revolution r/min 2200
Overall Dimensions Standard L × W × H mm 8980x2600x3470
With Optional Devices L × W × H mm 10876x2600x3470
Wheel-base Front Axle to Rear Axle mm 6210
Middle Wheel to Rear Wheel mm 1553
Wheel track mm 2150
Steering System Max. Front Wheel Steering Angle (°) ±45
Max. Articulated Wheel Steering Angle (°) ±20
Min. Turn Radius mm 7700
Moldboard Length mm/ft 3960/13
Height (Arched Length) mm 650
Max. Tilt Angle (°) 90
Rotating Angle (°) 360
Cutting Angle Adjusting Range (°) 42~73
Max. Lift above Ground mm 410
Max. Digging Depth under Ground mm 440
Max. Shoulder Reach (Left/Right) mm 1440/2090
Scarifier (Optional) Scarifying Width mm 1250
Max Dozing Depth mm 280
Number of Teeth Shanks Piece 11
Rear-mounted Ripper (Optional) Max. Digging Width mm 2000
Max. Digging Depth mm 315
Number of Shanks Piece 5
Bulldozer (Optional) Width mm 2740
Height mm 920
Max. Dozing Depth mm 205
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