ProQuip specializes in the distribution of Chenggong Heavy Equipment for use primarily in the construction and snow removal industries. ProQuip maintains exclusive Chenggong distribution rights for the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. ProQuip began operations in 2000, originally supplying Genuine Diesel Engine replacement parts, and later expanding into Diesel Engine Remanufacturing, supplying engines to customers in the construction, mining, transportation and utility markets. In 2009 ProQuip was awarded the Exclusive Distribution rights for Chenggong Heavy Equipment, specializing in Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, and Backhoe Loaders, equipped with Cummins Engines.

ProQuip’s mission is to provide a complete Customer Support System. Backed by skilled technicians, this includes having the necessary replacement parts in stock for normal wear and tear and holding a full range of replacement parts in inventory. ProQuip offers maintenance and repair services for the upkeep of equipment at our facilities, at our dealer locations, as well as at the customer’s location.

With our business partners, Sichuan Chengdu Chenggong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (Chenggong) and TQC Equipment Inc. (TQC), ProQuip offers a complete line of Heavy Equipment, backed by Chenggong’s Equipment Warranty covering parts and labour, as well as a full Cummins Warranty for the engine. ProQuip, with the support of TQC, maintains a fully stocked warehouse in the Montreal area, with extensive customers support personal and trained Chenggong technicians.

Business Partners

Chenggong began as a state-owned Chinese enterprise in 1950. It is one of the top wheel loader manufacturers in China. Chenggong has seven sub-factories that include a main wheel loader plant, structural parts factory, axle and transmission factory, painting factory, equipment processing factory, casting factory, and mini-excavator factory. With these specialized factories, Chenggong’s daily output of wheel loaders has reached 45 units.

TQC Equipment is a distributor of Chinese Construction Equipment and Earth Moving Equipment. It is the international agent for Chenggong in Canada and portions of the United States. TQC has been established in Montreal, Quebec since 2009, and works closely with ProQuip to bring the best possible service to the North American market.

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Chenggong's Quality Assurance

With ISO9001: 2000 as the standard, CG has set up a strict quality control system.

1. CG has come up with a quality assurance committee and quality executive committee to make decisions on matters that involve the incorporation of major technologies and major quality improvements of our wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and motor graders.
2. Our Quality Assurance Department is responsible for the working out and implementation of quality control systems.
3. During the production process, our focus is on the management, monitoring and inspection on each production detail.
4. We also monitor the production of our product fittings and carry out an inspection on them.
5. We make use of customer feedback to improve the quality of our construction machines.

Additionally, CG has a strong quality control team and quality inspection equipment. We have 154 dedicated technicians, making up 6.17% of the total staff members, to carry out quality control for our construction machines. These 154 technicians can be categorized as follows: 15 professional quality control engineers; 60 full-time quality inspection staff; and 12 physical and chemical analysts, among others. Our quality inspection equipment include NiKon300 metalloscope, M & M 3525 gear wheel analyzing and detection center, universal microscope, 3-axle & portable roughness tester, TS-2028S digital ultrasonic flaw detector, TT260 cladding thickness tester, 2000 torque measuring instrument, and HS5670B sound level meter. Due to our ceaseless efforts to improve our heavy equipment machines, they are ISO9001: 2000, CE, TIRE III, and GOST certified.